Saturday, September 19, 2009

BYU Music workshop Aug. 1999 Notes and memory

WOW 10 years ago I attended what was to be the last music workshop BYU held. I stayed in the dorms, which is the way to go. I had a great time and learned a lot. Here are a few abbreviated notes.

* Hymn singing in the family is effective crowd control. - BYU English Prof.

* When you feel the spirit, we are feeling eternity. - Bro. Goldstien ( Marvin )

* All over the world the most notable bond through the church is music. Bro. Goldstein

My two sweetest memories were the morning hymn singing. Gathered here were people who love to sing and know how to harmonize. It was balm to my soul.
The other being the choir experience. Previous to attending I rec'd my packet of sheet music. There were only 4 days to put together a concert. At least 200 were participating. At times during rehearsal I had to stop singing because I was overcome with emotion being surrounded by beautiful voices and the lyrics.

One of the songs was Come Thou Long Expected Jesus. Text by Charles Wesley, music by Allen Koepke

Come thou long expected Jesus
born to set thy people free: from our fears and sins release us: let us find our rest in thee.
Isael's strength and consolation, hope of all the earth's thou art,
dear desire of every nation, joy of every longing heart.

Born thou people to deliver, born a child, and yet a king: born to reign in us forever, now thy garcious kingdom bring.
By thine own eternal spirit rule in all the hearts alone: by thine all sufficient merit reaise us to thy glorious throne.

Come thou long expected Jesus, let us find our rest in thee.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sea glass

If you have never had the opportunity to search for sea glass, you truly have missed out. If you like treasure hunting, water and beaches, then this is the activity for you. I have found loads of sea glass on Put-in-bay on South Bass island ( Lake Erie ), and Burlington, VT. After I have filled my pockets and can hardly straighten up, then I know the time has come to move on. Recenty my daughter Connie, Dean and my husband Dave and I were at PIB wandering the pebbled shore with keen eyes, stooped over with the gusto of a dusty 49'er.
What do you do with it after you have found it? I suppose the sky is the limit; jewelry, lining clear floral vases, aquariums, flower pots, gluing them to old mirror and picture frames, and just plain setting them out on a table to admire. After all, it is your treasure!

PS...check out the American seaglass association on the web.

Ohio Theater Loudonville,Ohio

Discover the history and photo of Loudonville's beautiful theater located on N. Water St. Maintaining the vintage bldg. is a labor of love. It is still used to show films, stage productions and community events. And if you wondering, no, I have never seen a ghost doesn't mean there aren't any though!
Summer campers enjoy coming in for the evening to watch a flick and enjoy the small town surroundings.
The theater enjoys a throng of children watching old scary movies as well as being treated to apple cider and donuts hosted by the local fire department.
Life is good in small town America. Don't let it pass you by.
And yes, some of the gallery photos are mine.

Visit Loudonville's for photos and history. Take a stroll down memory lane.


Small towns deliver the goods at fair time. The occassion allows old and young to mingle, share creations and projects. The weather is usually at it's best with bright, clear skies. The vender food choices are a sight for eyes and sensation for smell. Walking through livestock barns to watch the kids raking, sweeping and tending their animals makes my heart swell with pride. I love the agriculture, crafts, cooking, merchants, floral and art exhibits. The young gather in gaggles to gab and play. Senior citizens wander past antique displays reliving past associations with the articles entered. Balloons fly high, cotton candy and candy apples reign king at the fair. What are we waiting for? Let's go!

This year's Loudonville free street fair: Oct. 06-10th.


Learn, learn, learn. It never ends if we are doing it right.

Recently added photos...

  • I see it, if I can capture it through the lens I am thrilled. At every corner I notice angle, compostion, light, color, contrast, etc. The hunt never ends, the thrill of obtaining it forever in still form is always a delight.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

County fair performers...this year ( ta-da! )

I stopped at the Wayne county fair grounds this morning and purchased our tickets to see Ray Stevens perform. What a fun concert that ought to be! Tickets were only $12.
My first memory of any of his songs was, 'Along came Jones'. That was early high school for me. However, when I was 19, streaking became the shocking rage. I was working in a factory in Beaumont, CA. ( Deutsh electronics ) when ' The Streak' hit the airwaves. Oh my. From there it was a delightful parade of Ray Stevens songs to tickle the funny bone and poke fun at human nature. Like a Norman Rockwell painting set the music, we heard the words and in our minds saw the images; whether it be streakers, Tarzan boggying with monkey, or of course our all time fav the 'Mississippi squirrel.' We all know Berta better-than-you and secretly wish we had been at that Sunday meeting.
Ray Stevens, thank you for making us laugh for four decades. Keep the musical genius pot stirring.